Web site design, widely used but the content is more of an unknown work. A service that claims to have given the authority or not, many people and companies. However, as the name suggests design website design is not just a job, it is quite a complicated process and gaining importance with the shift of the business to the Internet today. Should be handled with great seriousness. Mistakes made in the period after delivery when Internet site or sites can cause great harm to the company. Web site design and hosting, as well as disruptions in workflow email services seriously affect the company can cause damage.

Website Design Stages

Website design consists of Analysis– Planning – Frontend Design – Frontend Development– Backend Development – Testing phases.



Website is the stage of determining the needs of the business to do. The determination of which should be the expectations from the web site and the site in terms of the process of website design is of great importance. As much neglected can not please anyone resulting work.


How to meet the requirements agreed upon in the analysis stage of the website design is determined at the planning stage. "How do we meet the needs of the business website?" The answer to the question is given here. Here the plans are very important for the correct processing of the next process.

Frontend Design

How to use a design decisions to achieve the goals decided during the planning and analysis phase is given at this stage. In fact, the exact opposite is the website interface design The design of the word, but our country is used for the entire web design services. Internet will be used in the site colors, visuals agreed that overall theme and implementation is carried out. This is actually a photo out of the process. Not operate as a website.

Frontend Development

The photograph is the result of design interface is formed into a static website. Html site update arises which is difficult to do the coding here. Management panel members up to this stage is sufficient parts for websites that do not require a database connection as input. Although we do operate a web site design, as a result found.

Backend Development

Management panel, the background for the business that needs to be created, such as membership of a working structure. We call this background development. Consisting of transactions connected to the database with the administration panel, in our hands as a result of this process can be easily updated, supports multiple languages, members will have a website design that features literally entry and so on. However, our process does not end here.


Before delivering the Web site must be tested. After the tests are conducted here with bugs fixed and ready for publication in the customer side of the website. In fact, the test frontend development and we do not encounter surprises when we come to the end of the continuous background is done during development.

Web Site Design Why is it Important?

Summaries website is facing the outside of a company. Many businesses and business opportunities arising from the internet are increasing their customer number and availability. Number of customers and revenue for a website and not well managed businesses with a website design process leads to large losses in the bad sense.

Which is the sine qua non of this website constitutes today a bad website design firm repeatedly costs and also leads to the loss of cash and loss of reputation next time.

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