Sites with Medyadora very easy to install. 8 years of labor resulting from the administration panel you can set up and ready to theme your own website easily. You can publish your content in the language of your choice from the admin panel and you can update at any time. If you wish to set up the site, we can also work for you. After setting up your site, you can update your design at any time.



As we accelerate the process design and management panel with Medyadora can get results very quickly both in a very short time. Choose one of our ready-made themes, edit the theme as you wish, let us check whether you setup. Process is finished is going to set up the site after you enter your content.



Choose whatever you want from our web design themes:

Theme is important in the selection of the settlements. Select the template you want to install the site and select the theme that are most appropriate placement.



Thanks to our design editing tool such as web design themes that you can use as is our theme colors, images, patterns, fonts, you can change the animation. In the appropriate color to your company and you can create a theme in the image. You can create multiple themes. Any time you can switch between themes and update your current theme. You can also get copies of any design you create.

Design, editing images on the screen immediately changes you made while using the tool, and can give you more comfortable decision. That easy to build your site. You can choose themes for your mobile site.



We are installing the theme you have chosen your site along with our servers. You can start updating your content delivered to you after the administration panel password. We can manage the whole process of setting up the site on your behalf. Theme design arrangements of your choice and then send us your color preferences, site setup and content input we can do for you.



In the language of your choice so you can update all the content on your site from your administration panel. Our web design reference sites in German, English, Dutch, Arabic and Russian as well as existing customers publisher. You only need to do the translation of your content and to install the system. Search engine optimization is extremely successful in terms of each language on your site Medyadora provides visibility in the search engines separately.



After the site is completed establish your website to search engines, Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools, webmaster tools Yandex, the Google statistics, making a record of the directory Google. Thus, the availability of your web site and search engine we are increasing the chance of promotion. Through webmaster tools we track the status of the site in search engines, and we can see the development of promoting the site map can be done. Thanks to Google statistics are able to view and analyze your website visitors. If the search results in Google directory allows you to go further and in a better position.



Site set up your website is finished and the creation of social media accounts to suit your needs after you go live, and we undertake to manage. Moreover, off-site SEO work is done in case of need. We also serve our customers on Google ads and Facebook ads.

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