Products Module

Products Module

Products module can be used for multiple purposes. Services as well as Ütün, projects, references, menus, etc. are used for house ads. Unlimited categories and subcategories that can be added modules can operate under a single category. You can add your product then first create categories.

Page for your specific product to your dealer or your members as in the module can prevent the display of other users. Some products can special to everyone While some members only. Publication do not need to delete the items you want to remove. Just use the only delivery option. You do not have to repeatedly enter the content you want to get back on the air.

If the product you wish to support your theme can show and make them more visible on the homepage.

Belongs to product photos, you can add videos and writings. You can display your products as you want throughout your site as well as language. You can also show a product in multiple categories.

This module is also held in the search engine settings for the emergence of the web site in the search results.

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